Apple by decade: a visual guide

Apple products are ubiquitous today.  Their impressiveness is lost on us because of how gradually each product has improved.  But speed up time a little bit, and the advances that this company makes every 10 years start to look much more remarkable.  We’ll start at the very beginning…1976


Apple 1


Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak sold their car and their calculator (respectively) to finance the building of this, the first ever Apple product.


Apple III



Steve Wozniak once endearingly stated about the Apple III: “[it] had 100% hardware failures!”


Macintosh Classic & LC

The “LC” stands for “Low-cost Color”.  While the “LC” moniker stuck around for a few years, it quickly became obsolete.  I mean come on, a charger costs 60 bucks!


iBook g3 “clamshell”


The iBook G3 was the first mainstream laptop to incorporate wireless networking capabilities that would ultimately server as the model for the industry standard technology.



iMac & iphone 4




Ok, so I listed 2 products for the intro of this decade.  But I had to.  In fact if you knew what I left out, you’d be shocked (iPad, Macbook Pro, Apple TV and more!)  Here’s why I had to list 2…

As you scroll through the decades, the advances every 10 years seem almost reasonable.  Then you jump from 2000 to 2010 and the advancement is just mind-fricking-boggling.  Right!?  From the G3 Clamshell, in just 10 years, they launched, perfected, then improved the most incredible technology that we’re using today.  Phones, tablets and the most beautiful and powerful computers we use.

The 2000’s were an incredible decade for Apple.  They were doing great things, but this decade made them part of history.  We’re only half way through this decade, but it’s already off to a great start.  We can’t wait to see what the advent of 2020 holds for Apple – and all of us!

What do you think it will be?  Tell us below and we’ll see who’s right!

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