Charge your iPhone in less time & other great tips

Yes, you’re going to get a iPhone 6s pretty much immediately.  Me too.  But let’s at least go into it knowing a few more tricks that your current iPhone already has up its sleeve…


1. Put your phone in Airplane mode while charging to significantly cut down on charging time.

Swipe up from the bottom of your phone and tap the airplane icon to go into airplane mode.  This is great if you need quickly charge. It makes the charging time “fly” by — see what we did there?

2. Give your phone a quick jiggle to fix a mistake.

While writing an email, text, or editing a photo, shake your phone if you make a mistake and get this little guy prompting you to undo what you just did.  Note: Shaking harder will not un-send a text you didn’t mean to send.

3. Turn your phone sideways for a more detailed calendar

Seriously the easiest tip ever.  Just turn your phone sideways and get a better view of your calendar. But since you don’t use your calendar consistently, it’s just a better view of dates for you to squint at and say “I know something is happening on the 15th…..what was it again???”

4. View email drafts with one tap

Just tap and hold the Compose button in your email application to quickly access your drafts.  We have rewritten many an email because we didn’t want to take the laborious steps of finding the draft.  So this one is a personal favorite.

5. Set a timer for music or audiobooks to automatically turn off

This one is great.  Get your audio playing (music, audiobooks, whatever) then set a timer in the Clock app.  Under the “When Timer Ends” section, instead of choosing a sound, choose Stop Playing. That’s it!  Now you can take a nap while listening to your most guilty pleasure playlist (Christopher Cross, Spice Girls, Justin Bieber, and the like) and make sure it turns off before anyone comes home to hear it!  Thanks iPhone!


Did we miss any other life saving tips?


One thought on “Charge your iPhone in less time & other great tips

  1. Thanks! I’m going to save this. I’ve had an iPhone for 2 years and didn’t know any of these tricks. Probably doesn’t help being 57, I’ll blame it on that anyway! It’s hard to teach old dogs new tech! My Father is 82 and has a genius IQ, could work on anything and fix it, make stuff from scratch, can make anything you might need on his metal laythe, comes in handy when items are out of production. Electronics were his specialty, he started making radios when he was very young, by the time he was in 9th grade, the shop teacher just let him teach the class somedays! But when everything started going computer, we got lost. I got him a tablet for Christmas, he’s wanted a computer for 3 years and didn’t know enough about them to know what to get, me either, so I just guessed. He was thrilled, but just sat there with it and finally asked me when could he schedule a lesson with me, it’s the blind leading the blind! Sorry to have gone on so, I’m just so proud of my Daddy, but using the tablet makes me feel so sorry for him and I’m hardly any help. You all are smart tech nerds and we’re computer illiterate nerds! He’s told me that when he sees little kids using phones he just shakes his head in amazement. So finally in conclusion, the moral of my story is, as I’ve told my Father when we can’t figure out how something works, “Wait a minute and I’ll go see if I can find a 3 year old kid”!!! I believe my punch line was worth having to read my “short story”. It’s a pretty good one, even if I did make it up, but if you all are thinking about putting it on your t-shirts, you’ll have to cut me in!!!

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