So, you want a free shirt?









The response to our t-shirt giveaway has been tremendous!  We love to hear from all of our fellow NERDS out there!  Keep them coming while we catch up on the backlog!


Let’s answer a few quick questions:

  1. Why?  Well, we’ve been wearing these shirts around and have heard more than once from people that they want to know where they can get one of our shirts.  Answer?  Right here!

  2. Free?  We thought… ‘do we charge for them’?  Answer: NO!  We would love to have more people wearing our shirts.  I mean, it’s a win-win!  You help make our logo more recognizable (win for us) and you don’t have to walk around topless (win for you!)

  3. Walking Billboard?  Nope.  Our shirts don’t even have our website on it.  It has our logo on the front (as you can see) and a random fact on the back…something like – “You can’t hum while holding your nose” or “Earth is the only planet named after a God” or something like that.  That.  Is.  It.

  4. Wait…why again?  Just because.  We love our logo.  We love our shirts.  And we love that people love our logo and shirts.  Stop asking!

  5. How?  Simple.  Like our page on Facebook:

    Then just leave a comment below with your email address and we’ll reach out to get your size & where we should send your shirt!  Don’t want to leave your email address in the comments?  No problem – just email: with the subject “FREE SHIRT” and we’ll respond asking for the info we need.

  6. When?  Wait, not yet.  Not yet.  Almost.  Almooooooooooooooost.  Ok, NOW!





Always subject to availability.


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