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Some of our work



Musican Portfolio

Full design and development. This site needed to be as creative as the artist is was built for. Traditional design methodology was abandoned to create something truly unique and special. The design was actually inspired by some of the artist's work and we feel it has become the perfect compliment to her music.

eat live eat

Lifestyle website & mobile app

A site built specifically to feature food beautifully. Watch video recipes, review and collaborate. Eat live Eat is making food social again.

Naturally Knotty

Custom Website & Shopping Cart

Developed a customized Shopify shopping cart for Naturally Knotty incorporating their existing design & theme. Developed various unique and one of a kind choppily modules to enhance the shoppers experience.


Logo design

Yes...Craigslist! While we can't take credit for launching their site, when they needed their iconic logo polished up and some variations of it created, we were honored to get the job. Thanks again, craigslist!


-In Development- Design, Development & Mobile Solution

-In Development-

GoCaat is changing the way people search for businesses & employment online. We can't give away all the details, but its revolutionary approach will bring together searching for employment and searching for service providers like never before.

The design of this website & mobile solution are paramount. It's critical that the site sends a modern message and is very easy to jump right into. Supported by a robust and sophisticated backend database that manages all aspects of the site, form and function come together beautifully.

BRIDGES Charter School

Website Design & Development

BRIDGES Charter School was in need of a new website that was more accessible and functional to their audience as well as modern in its design & features. In addition, the day to day management of the site needed to be very user friendly so internal staff could keep the site continuously updated.

We developed a custom, responsive website from the ground up. Approaching every aspect from the visitors perspective. A custom administrative dashboard was developed to allow very simple management of the websites components.

Budget Board

Design, Development & Content Management

Budget board approached us with a concept for a website that would allow people around the Chicago area to find local eateries, and the deals they are running. There are of course other sites that have this information, but none of them present it in an easily consumable way to allow site visitors to quickly assess their options and start their evening!

A completely custom interface was developed for the site to carry over the casual feel of the establishments they presented. A sophisticated yet very easy to manage backend data base was developed so the admins could quickly and easily keep the establishments and deals up to date. A custom programmed integration with Google Maps plots the location of each establishment using the iconic Budget Board logo.

The key to this site was editing. It's easy to allow this sort of concept to go overboard and bleed into too much information. Budget Board strikes the perfect balance - just enough information to make it a hit among users, but not so much that it is difficult to find what you need.


Mobile App & Website

Fitkey is a complete health management app. It integrates with your gym's software to keep you updated and motivated and allows you to "share" your membership with others.

We developed the mobile app from the ground up for iOS and Android. This included full design, integration with 3rd party software, real time membership validations, and a clean user interface that allowed substantial functionality within just a few taps.

The Fitkey website was designed to reflect the same feeling of the app; straight forward & simple to use.

VDI Laboratory

Custom Client Portal

VDI Labs was in need of a custom client portal. A real time, user friendly client portal would further set them apart in the industry.

We worked with VDI to determine all of the functionality that was necessary and ironed out all of the intricate details. We then developed a modern and approachable client portal that allows their clients real time access to their projects, the ability to communicate directly with VDI & access to a complete resource management area. This portal was developed on well known and flexible platforms to allow the portal to grow and evolve with VDI.


Route Management System

Tech99 needed a complete management system to plan & track service routes. The portal allows real time tracking of all vehicles via an integrated mobile application, productivity metrics, route management, suggested route changes, customer tracking, inventory, and more. It also allows real time interaction with the fleet to keep everyone (or a single member) updated on necessary information.

The Tech99 portal is a complete and comprehensive host system that integrates all business functions. Design was imperative to ensure successful use and adoption of the portal and create a seamless experience for users.

Marcheant & Co.

Website & Customer Portal

Marcheant & Co., based in Honolulu HI, was in need of a website that would reflect its modern edge. The design of the site completely revolved around this theme. A unique interface & navigation style were incorporated into the site while keeping a familiar and usable feel.

AGI Medical

Website Design, Development & Custom Plugins

AGI Medical was in need of a website that was in line with their modern & welcoming medical practice. In addition, they needed a site that allowed them easy control of just about every aspect.

We went to work first designing a beautiful, responsive site that would capture visitors. A huge opening video by Pinto Productions was used as the centerpiece of the homepage. Every detail of the design was thought out to evoke the precise response desired. Colors, shapes, placement, size, typography were all used to deliver a warm, welcoming site for visitors.

On the backend, the client was given easy control over everything. Adding features, managing menus, customizing pages, a full blog, and much more were built in so management of the entire site was not only possible, but quick & easy. We thought about the client personally to provide custom solutions. As an extremely busy physician, the ability to quickly shoot an email off and have it turn into a blog post saves time, and ensures a simply way to keep the site updated. The client can create custom surveys for visitors to take. He has control over questions, possible responses, scores, & feedback provided at the end that varies depending on scores. All custom built to specifications.

This is a site that has the capability to grow & evolve with the client on all levels.

5 Nerds


Yes, this is us :)

This is our previous website, but we're still proud of it! This site launched with a clean, minimalist, single page interface years before this was the common design trend. The approach to our business carried over to our website: keep things simple & always keep the end user in mind.

Choice Health Associates

Website Redesign & Development

Choice Health Associates needed a fresh website that reflected their professional yet welcoming culture. The site was designed in conjunction with the Grafix team to bring CHA's message to life. Their new website has a completely redesigned front end site for visitors and patients and a complete physician management portal which allows member physicians to manage their profiles. Various custom modules were built to make the client portal extremely functional & easy to use.

Hashtag Management

Logo Design

Various logo concepts for Hashtag Management

Minotaur Lab

Logo, Design, Branding, Development & Client Portal

Our relationship with Minotaur Lab began with a simple logo design. That evolved into a full design suite, website and robust, top secret project currently under construction.

Dr. Barton Goldsmith's Cancer Fighter

Design, Development, Mobile App

Dr. Barton Goldsmith is a long time client for which we have various projects. The selfless work he does for everyone else is remarkable and it always inspires us to support his endeavors. Our projects for Dr. Goldsmith include design, website development and a mobile application. You can learn more about Dr. Goldsmith at:

I was so scared to get a website built. I heard horror stories. A friend of a friend recommended 5 Nerds so I bit the bullet and went for it. I really can't say enough about how it went. The way they handle everything put me at ease. I knew what was happening the entire time and they were always just a phone call away. Everyone's experience should be like this.


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